Players and Continents Meet!

The GIST is not a computer games exhibit. It is a “game” exhibit. Professionals or amateurs, interested in any type of games, will convene under the roof of the GIST.

You could be playing FPS or football games or nostalgic 8-bit games or desktop FRPs. If you wish, you may animate game characters with your Cosplay skills. Come to join us because your seat is already booked up for you. Gaming Istanbul is an exhibit by players for players.

We never leave any games or players behind.

Gaming Istanbul in Numbers

•   82,417 visitors in 2017

•   A total of 72 exhibitors in B2C, B2B and Indie Area in 2017

•   11 professional team

•   100,000+ visitor capacity for the year 2018

•   14.000 m2 exhibition area

GIST Visitors


– Kids between age 0 and 3 are not allowed in the exhibition zone.
– Kids between age 3 and 6 are allowed only under the supervision of their parents.
– Kids between age 6 and 12 are allowed only under the supervision of their parents or anyone above age 18 and providing company to them.

GIST Participants

–        International and Turkish game studios
–        International and Turkish game distributors
–        Game console and hardware producers
–        Game console and hardware distributors
–        Mobile games and hardware producers
–        Game associations
–        Game designers
–        Game developers
–        Academic institutions
–        Media organizations
–        Interactive media companies
–        Technology store chains
–        Figure and toy producers
–        Figure and toy distributors
–        Software developers
–        Sector professionals

GIST Trailer Video

Visitors Map

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