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Since 2016, gamers meet where continents meet. At Istanbul, Europe’s largest city with 18.000.000+ population & the highest gamer to population ratio of the region.

For any scale of gaming business from AAA companies to indies & freelancers, GIST offers unique outlets & solutions.

 Managed by a veteran GL Events Team of gaming professionals with 15 years of experience & expertise in the field, GIST delivers launch, hands-on, exhibition, showcasing, tournament, shopping & professional opportunities, with turn-key based or premade packages for your brands & titles.

 Apart from flexible spacing, booth design, construction & management services, customised full package exhibitor services, VIP services, GIST provides:


• Global PR support

• Regional & global advertising support

• Regional digital & social media campaign

• Online & offline tournament management

• Local professional networking

• Investor meetings

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