GIST DC 2017

GIST DC 2017

GIST|DC2017 date is 1st of February, 2017. The theme of the 2017 Developers Conference is selected as “Games Marketing”, “Game Development Pipeline” and “VR”

“If you would like to be a speaker in a session, you are kindly requested to fill out the application form. In case you are accepted, please e-mail a photo of yours that you desire to appear on the website to with subject of “Developers Conference” Official language of the conference is English. Accommodation and transportation expenses of the speakers will be sponsored by themselves.

Please click for Gaming Istanbul Developers Conference 2017 Program

GIST | DC Advisory Board

Güven Çatak
Founder Director BUG Game Lab at BAU

Çağlar Eğer
Expert Business Development at Goodgame Studios


Sami Hamid
VR Lab Director at BAU


Adam Hetenyi
Head of Game Design at Deck 13 Interactive


Elif Karaata
ATOM Program Manager at ODTU TEKNOKENT in Ankara, Turkey


Maarten de Koning
Executive Vice President of Business Development at Digital Development Management


GIST | DC Speakers

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Game Development Pipeline
February 01, 2017

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10:00-10:30 @Fazıl Say Hall

Horizon: Zero Dawn game mechanics, combat system and story

Troy Mashburn

Playstation / Guerilla Games Horizon: Zero Dawn Lead Designer (Combat System)

10:30-11:15 @Fazıl Say Hall

Game Design / Artistic Design

Onur Can Çaylı

3D Artist, Freelance


11:15-12:00 @Fazıl Say Hall

From Lord of the Fallen to The Surge – How we tried to make a better game with a smaller budget.

Mathias Reichert

Managing Director of Deck 13


13:00-13:45 @Fazıl Say Hall

How to design free-to-play games in order to retain players after their discovery of the game.

Pascal Luban

Creative director & game designer, freelance


  • Best practices to engage players to return to the game after their first sessions.
  • Main mistakes to avoid.

13:45-14:30 @Fazıl Say Hall

Being “Indie” in the Global Game Market

Kate Edwards

Executive director of International Game Developers Association (IGDA)


Attendees will gain key insights from the IGDA’s annual research conducted across the industry, and better understand the trends and attitudes of game developers worldwide.


14:30-15:00 @Fazıl Say Hall

Building a successful game development company

Robert Muresan

Technical Director, Exosyphen Studios


If you are looking to break into the world of gamedevelopment, you have the chance to hear some of the experience of someone who has founded the first romanian independent gamedevelopment studio in the history of Romania, back in 2002, authored a no. 4 best selling game on STEAM and runs a publishing website that succesfully sells hundreds of game titles.



13:00-14:00 @B Conference Hall

Advances in VR using the Oculus Rift

Volga Aksoy

Software Engineer of Oculus


VR developers who are interested in developing software for the Oculus Rift will learn about some of the latest improvements and additions to the Oculus runtime and SDK as well as getting pointers about making comfortable, high-quality and performant VR applications.


14:00-15:00 @B Conference Hall

VR and Wearable contents (New Mobile Platforms)

Burak Emiralp

Content Manager of Samsung


  • How contents and services evolve in these platforms
  • Some finished local content examples
  • How can Samsung support new content ideas and projects

15:30-16:30 @B Conference Hall

A design-oriented talk about VR

Ciro Continisio

Technical Evangelist of Unity3D


After this talk the audience will have acquired useful hints on how to create good UX in VR, through the analysis of the solutions adopted by several VR games and apps released in the past 2 years.


16:30-17:00 @B Conference Hall

Telling your Brand Story in Virtual Reality

Borge Bjelland

Co-founder, Glitch Studios


Understanding what storytelling means in virtual reality & how this platform can be used to immerse customers & clients in a brand experience.

Games Marketing

From Istanbul to the World:
Getting maximum global PR outreach for your game


15:30-16:30 @Fazıl Say Hall

Claas Wolter

PR Director of Marchsreiter Communications GmbH


15:30-16:30 @Fazıl Say Hall

Gareth Williams

Director of Premier Communications


15:30-16:30 @Fazıl Say Hall

Tuğbek Ölek

Founder of SETI Media

15:30-16:30 @Fazıl Say Hall

Victor Perez

Director of Reset PR


Insights from international PR professionals on effective press & influencer communication strategies to promote games of all scales all over the world.


16:30-17:00 @Fazıl Say Hall

The Value Of IP (intellectual property)

Simon Usiskin

Director and Co-Founder of iQU Group


Attendees will take away a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of working with a well-known IP, further understanding of the licensing process as well as how to leverage that IP effectively to create a great gaming experience.


17:00-17:30 @Fazıl Say Hall

Global Mobile Gaming Culture

Aras Şenyüz

Marketing & Mobile Division Director


  • Learn about the difference of mobile gaming culture of Asia vs Turkey & EU
  • Marketing strategies to keep 5M active users happy every day
  • Most efficient marketing methods in mobile gaming in Asia & Turkey
Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-19 um 20.27.22

17:30-18:00 @Fazıl Say Hall

Storytelling is everything: How to grab the medias attention in this noisy social world

Benjamin Kratsch

Editorial Director, GLP Media


Polygon, Kotaku, Inverse, the big guys in the gaming media, they are all hungry for the next story, that goes viral. But we don’t just search for the next big indie star, we need personality.

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