is at GIST

It’s show time! will be at Gaming Istanbul.

Are you ready to meet HWA Gaming Team?

Awesome gifts, tournaments, gamer meetings from HWA Gaming will be at GIST.


Varta is at Gaming Istanbul

Varta will be at GIST!


Pixel Lantern – GIST

Pixel Lantern will be at GIST.

OverGame is at GIST

OverGame will be at Gaming Istanbul.

Zeren’s Universe – GIST

Zeren’s Universe will be at GIST.

GIST Tickets on Biletix

Please feel free to buy your tickets from Biletix as of November 2015.

Gaming Istanbul – Real Escape Game: Virus

“Real Escape Game: Virus” will be at Gaming Istanbul!


One of the world’s most famous IT producers, MSI will be at Gaming Istanbul.

GIST- Oasis games

Online & MMO games’ portal Oasis Games will be at Gaming Istanbul.


Logitech is at Gaming Istanbul!

Logitech, one of the world’s most known computer and digital platform parts producer, is at GIST!


Eventbaxx is at Gaming Istanbul!

“Digital Goodie Bag” Eventbaxx is at GIST!

Dijital Sporlar – GIST

Turkey’s e-sports platform, Dijital Sporlar is at Gaming Istanbul!

Multiplayer – GIST will be at Gaming Istanbul!

Speedroll – GIST

Speedroll with its amazing shows, will be at Gaming Istanbul!

BursaGB is at GIST

One of the biggest digital games suppliers in Turkey, TrinkPAY Technology will be attending to Gaming Istanbul with BursaGB brand.

GIST – Game Satış

E-pin sale portal of online games, Game Satış is at Gaming Istanbul!


Unity is attending GIST!

Unity, flexible and powerful development platform for creating multiplatform 3D and 2D games and interactive experiences, is at GIST!

GIST – Game Legends

Game Legends, one of the biggest game item stores of the world is at Gaming Istanbul with its all licensed products! 


Anima Istanbul is at GIST!

Turkey’s fast, creative and innovative movie and animation maker Anima Istanbul is at GIST!

Anima Okul – GIST

Turkey’s “talent hunter” in animation industry, Anima Okul is at Gaming Istanbul! 

IGG is at Gaming Istanbul!

Global free online games portal IGG is at Gaming Istanbul!


The International Mobile Gaming Awards open call for entries.

Paralel Evren – GIST

Turkey’s newest and most exciting comics store Paralel Evren is at Gaming Istanbul.

GIST – Media Deals

10 games companies will pitch to a panel of European equity investors during our investment session at Gaming Istanbul 2016 on February 4th, 2016. Apply here.

GIST – Zoccoshop

Turkey’s top quality professional gamer equipments are at Gaming Istanbul with Zoccoshop.

Pegi Standards!

GL events & GIST are in close cooperation with the PEGI (the Pan-European Game Information) so as to enable young visitors to meet the content appropriate for their age.



Turkey’s game and technology website is at Gaming Istanbul!

IGN is at Gaming Istanbul!

IGN meets gamers at Gaming Istanbul.


Turkey’s “fidgety” game magazine and game portal.

GIST is at ISFE Pages

GIST is at the list of events of ISFE (Interactive Software Federation of Europe)

Meeting with GGJ games!

Global Game Jam teams exhibit their games made in 48 hours at GIST.

Developer Conference

Emrah Elmaslı (Ninja Theory)

“Concept Design and Digital Drawing / Live Demo on Coloring”

Developer Conference

Alessandro “Talexi” Taini (Ninja Theory)

Alessandro Taini, art director of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, is at GIST.

Karnaval DJ Party is at Gaming İstanbul with live broadcast.

GIST – Donanım Haber Partnership

Doanı is at GIST 2016.

GIST – IEEE Build Up Awards

The game designers attended IEEE Buildup 2015 are awarded for entrance to GIST Developer Conference.


Developer Conference is at Bahçeşehir University

GIST 2016 Developers Conference will be held in Bahçeşehir University. .


The number 1 magazine of online F2P games, Free2Play Magazine is at Gaming Istanbul.

GPay is at GIST

GPay will be at Gaming Istanbul.

Live broadcast at exhibition!

Bölüm Sonu Canavarı is at GIST with live broadcast.

The Game for Big Kids

The Game for Big Kids, world’s first digital entertainment club.


UKIE that has approximately 1200 member worldwide, became a partner of Gaming Istanbul in Europe.

GIST & Setimedia

Setimedia is at Gaming Istanbul that is the new meeting point of world game industry.

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