Privacy Policy


Under the conditions indicated here, any personal data submitted via this website to the GIST are under protection. The privacy procedure informs about the obligations and principles of the GIST under the title of personal data. As the GİST, we do confirm that these rules will be fully respected. So, in line with the below-indicated personal data collection principles, we are meticulous in storing all information acquired by our team under tight security and privacy measures. By reducing collection and use of personal data, we keep data for the period that ,is sufficient for us to conduct required procedures. While doin so, we are also doing our best to provide quality service. This webite contains links to other websites which can demontrate that they are secure and sensitive about privacy. Yet, the GIST cannot be held liable for the content or privacy practices of the those websites.

Personal Data Collection Procedure

By using our website, you accept the terms and conditions on collection of your personal data by the GIST.

Data is not limited to first name, last name etc. It is mandatory for you to share some personal information on our products or services you ask for.

If you fail to provide us with the required information for us to fulfill our duties, we may not be able to deliver the expected
services to you.

The data you enter are used only for the purposes indicated such as:

  • Booking and sale order and your account management
  • Marketing of our services and related products
  • Statistical data on your transactions and generation of connection lists in order to ensure our connection with your party, compilation of commercial statistics and analyses regarding the website use.
  • ID confirmation and generation of records

All information gathered for the above-indicated purposes are stored in a secure environment by our party.
But if anything that is directly or indirectly related to the
collection of data

under the condition that current regulations, laws, rules and arrangements as well as the indicated terms and conditions are respected, data can be transferred to a third party by ensuring the rights, interests/profits of the GIST, this website and other users.
Tight security and privacy standards constitute the priority for us
while you are sending and after you send data to us. The data you have entered are kept by our side for the period of time required by the nature of your transactions and legal obligations. Since this website is updated very frequently, new developments occur regarding use of data.

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