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2Meet How to & FAQ


Take the liberty of using 2Meet app before or during the Gaming Istanbul, one & only international B2B & B2C gaming expo of Turkey & the MENA, to plan and schedule your meetings to develop your business, set up your own contacts with people and companies that you are interested in collaborating with.
You will also be able to reach other people who are interested in your specific skills and experience!

What you need to do is to enter details about yourself, your business and areas of interest only once. You may update or change such details, later on.

2Meet is not an appointment application. It is a planner enabling you to prepare your GIST agenda in advance and to make the most out of your time during the GIST. Privacy is the main principle of 2Meet. Your details and activities can be viewed only by you and the persons that you are in contact with.

Feel free to get your personal login code from the GIST Sales Team and start planning your GIST agenda now.



What exactly is 2Meet?

2Meet is a meeting system that helps connect you to other GIST attendees based on your needs. With a planner you can personalize, it’s easy to set up and keep track of meetings and arrange your schedule.

Additionally, GIST will have set the meeting area in the venue so you can find the ideal place to meet the person you’re connecting with.

How much does this all cost?

The 2Meet meeting system is FREE to all registered GIST attendees.

You can make and attend as many meetings as you want within the planner restrictions. Please note that the 2Meet meeting system is included to Professional and VIP Tickets.

When will 2Meet be accessible?

2Meet is initiated for all registered participants 4 weeks before the show.

If you’re already registered, you should receive a personal login code via email within 24 hours once it’s ready!

How do I access and use 2Meet?

2Meet can be accessed through their iOS and Android apps, and can also be accessed from a browser through their Website.

For a quick overview of 2Meet’s features, please watch this video.

What do I do if I haven’t received my personal login code?

We ask that people wait 24 hours for us to process their registration and send them their personal login code.

If you do not receive your 2Meet login details via email after that amount of time, please check your spam folder to make sure it didn’t get sorted there.

If you still see no email, please contact [email protected] for help.

What if my personal login code doesn’t work?

It is a common issue that when copying the personal login code in the 2Meet email that an extra space is also selected.

Please make sure that you are copying it correctly and have typed your email address correctly.

If this still doesn’t work, please email mailto:[email protected] for help

Do I need a completed profile?

You are not required to complete your profile, however, it will be easier for people to search for you on the attendee list if you do so.

It will also be easier for you to search for people according to your needs.

How do I change my details?

You can change your details by pressing the gear icon beside your name.

How do I meet people?

Simply log into the system using the mobile apps and web links above this page, and find potential meeting candidates under the Find People tab.

You can search for people or companies using keywords as well as take advantage of filters. Once you find someone you want to meet, you can chat with them and/or send an invite to schedule a meeting.

A meeting table will be automatically assigned to you once the invite is accepted by the other party.

Can I meet people other places?

You are welcome to meet anywhere inside or outside of the venue. But keep in mind, if you take your meeting away from our meeting point, it could impact the time you have to get to lectures, panels, and other meetings.