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There are two types of wooden stands:

a. Stands made of melamine coated chip board

These stands that do not need any painting at all are set faster than painted chip boards. The major disadvantage is that at the connection of these panels, a thin line occurs while the major advantage of that they are easy to clean.

b. Stands of painted chipboard

Plaster is applied on chipboards and paint follows. The major advantage is that the junctions are not visible while the major disadvantage is that the set up duration is longer. These stands are much more preffered since these stands look fancier than melamine coated chipboards.

Tips about melamine coated chipboard stands

– Please ask the images to be applied on forex. If they are directly applied on the stand wall, there will be bubbles under the images.

– Please choose the color out of the paint catalogue (RAL Catalogue) Wooden Exhibit Stand Designs-application of plaster before painting will make a stand fancier.

In line with the needs of your company, your wooden exhibir stands
are prepared by our design group in a way to represent you in the best
manner vis-a-vis the visitors and competitors.

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