Terms and Condition on Website Use

In line with the terms and conditions of Privacy Policy, personal data submitted to the GIST can be used upon their submission.

Thank you for visiting the GIST Website.
This website belongs to GL EVENTS and any kind of rights to organize, use and modify belong to the GIST.Please read the terms and condition on website use before you use it. Once you enter and use this website, you are deemed to have accepted its terms and conditions .

1. GİST holds the right to change any information or conditions including the contract terms and conditions regarding the links without any prior notice. Changes go into effect when they appear on the page.

2. Any kind of conflict that could occur due to entering or using this website are subject to Turkish law and the Istanbul Courts in Anatolian side are the authorized tribunals. The GIST reserves the right to litigate in the country of residence of the user.

3. The GIST frequently updates the data on this website and ensure its accuracy. Nonetheless, despite keen efforts, some data might be lagging behind de facto changes. The materials and data you will discover on the website of the GIST are immediately shared and there might be a difference between the current situation and the version on the website. There is no absolute guarantee or committment regarding the data, accuracy, updated versions, terms, quality, performance, maketability, purpose of data on the website of the GIST and their impact on other related or independent data, services or products.

The Right to Modify the Website The GIST reserves the right to reorganize or suspend the data shared
here as well as terms and conditions on services, products and the
website use indicated on this websites and its links, without any prior notice. Once the changes are ublished on this website, they do into effect. Upon use or entry to this website,the changes are deemed to have been accepted. These conditions apply to other webpages that are linked.

As a result of violation of the contract, torts, negligence or other reasons, the GIST is not liable for interruption of a transaction, error, omission, outage, deletion, loss, delay in transaction or communication, computer virus, error in communication, theft, destruction or entry into the records or changes or use of records without permission.

Links to Webpages It is possible to linkt to other webpages through this website. The GIST does not guaranteee and grant any commitment regarding accuracy of data indicated on the webpages that are linked. Some of these pages are managed under the responsibility of organizations outside the GIST and the terms and conditions on the use of those pages apply
independent from the GIST that is not liable for the use of such pages and linked services or does not give any recommendations.The GIST is not responsible for any damages that could occur due to the use of these websites. The GIST may provide acces to those links upon its prior consent or it may block access to the related pages or links.

Note on Intellectual Property RightsThe owner of the GIST Website is GL Events. Any information, statements, pictures, photos, brands, mottos and other markings and any program, page design to be under the protection of intellectual property rights are the property of the GIST or the organization for which the GIST received a licence. Without any written consent from the GIST, it is strictly forbidden to copy, change, broadcast any kind of database, webpage, some or all of software codes associated with this website, or to share, distrubte,
copy and sell such contenct online or via any media. Partial copying or publication of information here is possible only for non-commercial individual needs.

Classification of ResponsbilityGİST, The GIST is not liable for any kind of direct or indirect damages caused by entry to this website or violation of the contract, tort or other issues derived from use of the information or other data programs etc. on this website. The GIST does not accept any responsibility for interruption of services, error, negligence, or temporary non-delivery of services due to violation of the contract, tort, negligence or any other reasons. By way of visiting this website or the links indicated here, it is accepted by the consumers that the GIST is exempt from any kind of liabilities, damages or claims associated with website use/visit as well as court fees or other expenses.

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