Would your brand risk not being visible?

Google described Turkey as the “one of the fastest growing game markets” at the 2015 GDC presentation, According to Superdata 2014 presentation Game Market in Eastern Europe Turkey is pointed at as the most profitable and the highest growth potential market.

According to NewZoo 2013 research results Turkey ranks number three in the world from the standpoint of the time spent by players and 61% of players are buyin game products or products during a game.

Turkey is a center of attention of the game markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia in view of its young population and geographical advantage. GIST that aims to transform this promising potential into business opportunities is a global venue.

So, how will GIST contribute to you and your brand?

  • GIST will be bridging the European and Asian markets for four days.

  • GIST shall ensure visibility of your brand and product at a value of 100 000 visitors during four days.

  • You will be able to meet your target audience and give the following message to your future users: “we are here too”.

  • You will be able to meet the sector professionals and seek future career opportunities.

  • One day before the GIST, you will be able to join the developers and designers conference leading the global games sector.

  • Thank to the GIST career events, you will be able to meet your future team-members.


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