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The individuals who would like to visit GIST 2023 as influencers and to have influencer badge should fill the Influencer Accreditation below:

Click here for Influencer Accreditation.

  • While the Influencer Accreditation applications are evaluated by the selection committee, the criteria below will be taken as a consideration:

  • The individual who apply as an influencer should have 50.000 or more followers on at least one of the social media platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If the individual has under the stated number followers, his application will be disregarded strictly.

  • The applicants’ platforms should have focused on gaming, include an informative content and swearing/ slangs should be avoided. The applications of the applicants, who are not matching with the criteria, will not be able to be confirmed even if they have 50.000 or more followers.

  • The applicants whose applications are confirmed should share content (video- photo-post) about GIST at the latest 1 week before the exhibition date on the platform where their followers are 50.000 or more. If the applicant doesn’t share content, then their application will be cancelled in the area.

  • Celebrity badges will be given only to the content creator (Face of the channel, Instagram account owner, etc.). These individuals’/pages’/platforms’ managers, cameramen, social media managers or moderators etc. will not be able to obtain the badge strictly.

Questions about influencer accreditation will be answered as the event approaches. Applications will be returned 2 months before the event. Please do not expect a response about your application before then.

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