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Our priority is to protect children!

Vardiya & GIST are in close cooperation with the PEGI (The Pan-European Game Information) in order to enable children to reach the content proper for their age. To ensure that, the GIST has PEGI age rating system on wristbands. We kindly ask the visitors to wear those wristbands so that the officers can control your entrance. The games on the stands can be played according to the age range on the wristbands.




Kids between age 0 and 3 are not allowed in the exhibition zone.
– Kids between age 3 and 6 are allowed only under the supervision of their parents.
– Kids between age 6 and 12 are allowed only under the supervision of their parents or anyone above age 18 and providing company to them.

*Wristbands are available at the entrance point and the GIST.

WARNING: Wristbands will be distributed upon the demonstration of a valid ID with a photo (IC card, drivers licence, passport). GIST entrance wristbands provide single entry access and are valid until you leave the exhibition area.

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Age rating process

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