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Regulation on Child Protection

The GIST participants are aware of their responsibility to ensure the right age groups reach the toys and presentations promoted at their stands.

Vardiya & GIST are in full cooperation with the PEGI (the Pan-European Game Information) to enable young visitors to reach the content appropriate for their age.

Within the framework of this cooperation, the visitors will be wearing the bracelets in different colors in line with their age group. Do not hesitate to read the “GIST Regulation on Child Protection”.

“GIST Regulation on Child Protection”

All participants must have been graded according to the PEGI rules. If your game is not rated, you may asked to be rated in view of child protection rules by a PEGI or an IARC member organization.

Click here to be rated by PEGI and get a price quote via.

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What is IARC?

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