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Our Services

There are myriads of ways to promote your brand and products. The best and the most guaranteed one is to use the GIST communication system that will provide your withe visibility before and after the exhibit. You may rent real and virtual advertisement areas, improve business networking through our public relations service, create a lasting effect in the world of games by being a sponsor to an event and we can create the GIST Communication Calendar to optimize maximum benefit for your brand and products.

  • Virtual Advertisement Rental

  • Physical Real Adverstiment Rental

  • PR Service Pack

  • Video Blogging

  • Event and Party Management

  • Stand Staff (attendants) Services

  • Accomodation & Transfer

  • Professional Photography Services

  • Professional Video Services

  • Food & Beverages

  • Customs Clearance, Transport, Labor



The first impression you will create is the most important one. It is our job to create that impression with striking and resilient stand designs. The GIST business partners are with you 7/24 through professional stand design, production and set up services, enabling you with maximum utility in minimum area. Please do not hesitate to visit the GIST Sales Team to find out more about the stand design that will promote you at first glance.

  • Modular stand

  • Special Stand


GIST Technical Service

The last thing you want is the hustle of technical details while you are promoting your brand and products to the visitors. The GIST business partners deliver any services and support you need before and after an exhibit at one stop.

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