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We love Indies because we know, all creativity and different point of views that industry needs are coming forward from this independent teams.

That’s exactly why, we want to support indie game developers as Gaming Istanbul. You can show your games to the GIST visitors, arrange B2B meetings to find your future distrubitor/investor for your game by indie booth that we especially created for you!


Each company/studio or team applying to the INDIE GAME AREA must have at least two team members with Business tickets in order to be eligible to take part in the free indie area booths and to be evaluated in the Indie Awards selection process. The teams that are eligible for selection will be allocated the booths detailed below with the booth number, with the game visuals printed, electricity drawn, and all kinds of technical equipment to be provided by the team. A discount code valid for B2B tickets will be provided for other members of the team. It will be announced on GIST and indieway social media pages and website. Finally, the applications of the teams who buy a ticket with a discount code will not be accepted.


Producers in the INDIE GAME AREA can only showcase their original content.


Participants who are entitled to take part in INDIE GAME AREA will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation expenses.

Deadline for application is August 5, 2024!

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