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I Indieway

September 13-15, GIST | Indieway

Indieway is providing the dealmakers a platform where they can do business online and in-person in a super effective and low-cost way by combining the powers of a lead-generating marketplace, valuable hibrit events and a thriving community.

Indieway is official B2B event of Gaming İstanbul.

Starting from 2021 February each Indieway is a quarterly event. We don't record offline sessions and only record online sessions if speaker demands. 
Here you can see previous webinars:


We are looking for speakers to share our vision and enthusiasm. We have different topics for webinar and if you have experience and game-changing ideas on any of these topics, please complete the form below. We will carefully analyze every application and if you are selected, you will be one of our official speakers and guests at that month.


Please keep in mind that the solo talks should be limited to 20 minutes and panels are 40 minutes in total, including a Q&A. As our event is offline, we prefer Indieway speakers to attend in person. Unfortunate we can't cover travel or accommodation expenses. However, you will have access to the MeetToMatch portal and the benefits of VIP tickets. It's a great opportunity to present yourself, your company and your expertise to a growing audience.


Please make sure that your submission is authored by your company and consistent with its guidelines, and all details are correct.


Be helpful, be creative and be visionary!

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